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Recent Projects

Monitoring Narratives on Social Media (MNSM)

With the growth of social media, users have become increasingly creative in the way they present information and narratives, leading to the evolution of storytelling formats, such as the use of memes, short videos, and real-time updates. We are consulting with a small company, Kevadiya Inc., to create a system that will automatically detect, track, and monitor the narrative transformation and identify important actors shaping the narrative.

Winter Workshop on Machine Learning

We recently offered a two-week workshop on machine learning at the Indian Institute of Design and Manufacturing, Kancheepurum, Tamil Nadu, India. The workshop was attended over 50 participants and was supported through the Fulbright Specialist Program of the U.S. Department of State.

Doctored Image Detection

Many government and corporations regularly issue news releases with pictures for public relation. In some instances, such pictures with some manipulation are used by rouge groups or organizations to malign the government agency or the corporate entity that originally issued the story. We consulted with a small business concern to to develop a system for detecting doctored images.

This image is correctly detected by our system as un-doctored image.
This image was correctly detected by our system as doctored image.